Restructuring Florida's electricity market could save us up to $5 billion on our electric bills every year.

More energy options means more freedom and lower electric bills for every Floridian. See how much you could save below.


Florida's Families & Communities

With the freedom to choose from competing electricity providers, Florida residential electricity customers could save hundreds of dollars every year -- all while enjoying more rate options and better access to renewables.  

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Commercial Retailers

Commercial electricity prices are about 20 percent lower in competitive markets than in Florida.  Imagine what that kind of savings could do for your electricity budget.

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Tourism, Travel, & Entertainment

While Florida's electricity prices have risen by over 30 percent in the last decade, prices in competitive markets have been stable.  As Florida closes in on 100 million visitors a year, reliable prices could boost tourism profits.

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Industry & Agriculture

Florida's industries, including agriculture, pay more than 10 percent above the national average for electricity. Competitive states are paying almost 15 percent below it. That means restructuring could save Florida industry nearly 25 percent on its electric bills.

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Help us bring energy freedom to Florida.

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