Competition will hold down electricity prices for Florida families.

If Florida opens its market to competition, then Florida's residential electricity customers will benefit. Electricity prices in competitive markets like Texas and Illinois routinely outperform even the lowest prices in Florida, and even where competition does not reduce prices, it helps keep them lower than they would otherwise be.

Compare Florida electricity bills to electricity bills in competitive states.

To get a first-hand look at what we're advocating when we talk about competitive electricity restructuring, we can check the data to see how different types of electricity markets result in different prices.

 Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration.   2014 prices are year-to-date through June of 2014.

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration.  
2014 prices are year-to-date through June of 2014.

Twenty years ago, Florida had the lowest residential electricity prices of the three states above. But as competition has flourished in both Illinois and Texas since 1994, Florida has fallen behind.  Florida now has the highest electricity prices of these states, and without competition, Floridians will only pay more in the years to come.

Shopping for energy makes it possible to beat the average price.

According to data from the Florida Municipal Electric Association, the average residential customer of a major Florida utility using 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per month paid an electric bill of just over $124.00 in June of 2014.  Prices in a competitively restructured electricity market could be much better than that - even for renewable electricity.  

To see how a Florida bill compares with the best prices in Texas, visit Texas Power to Choose,  the official electricity shopping website of the State of Texas.  With competition, you can use sites like this to purchase electricity for your family.  Once you're there, plug in a Texas zip code - 75201 for Dallas, for instance - and you'll see that a comparable Texas bill could have been under $90.00 - a savings of over 25 percent.  Dozens of other Texas offers beat Florida's prices as well - some by nearly 50 percent, as of September of 2014.

Competition makes renewable energy more affordable.

Not only do Texas residential bills routinely beat Florida's average monthly bills, but Texas customers can choose to buy 100 percent renewable electricity and still save money.  In June of 2014, for example, Texans could choose a plan for 1,000 kilowatt hours of 100 percent renewable energy for $94.00 a month.  Even when you buy renewable electricity, a competitively restructured market makes it possible to save nearly 25 percent over average electric bills in Florida.  

All of these benefits are possible because competitive electricity allows people to vote with their dollars - for lower prices, better service, renewable energy, or as in Texas, all of the above.

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