How Can I Help Bring Energy Choice to Florida?

Constitution Revision Commission

This board meets every 20 years to review proposals for Florida voters to decide on the ballot. Right now, proposal 51 for electricity choice is on the schedule to review.

Your voice matters! The more they hear from residents like you, the higher chance they’ll move the proposed amendment to the ballot for voting. We've made it very easy to send an email to all the commissioners at once to let them know you support Florida electicity choice.

Social Media

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What Is Proposal 51?

Proposal 51 is an amendment that would give Floridians the right to choose their own electricity suppliers. Electricity is essential to every Floridian--but not one of us has a choice in who we buy it from.  This unnecessary restriction leaves all of us paying high prices for basic service with no options.  

The American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers and Harper Polling found 78 percent of surveyed residents in Florida believe that consumers should be given a choice for their energy needs.

If the Florida Constitution Revision Commission approves proposal 51, it will be decided by voters on the 2018 ballot.

What Are the Benefits of Energy Choice?

A properly restructured energy market creates competition, which leads to a better experience for customers. There are three key benefits of energy choice for Florida to enjoy:

  1. Lower Prices: When suppliers have to compete for your business, it helps drive down prices for consumers.
  2. Innovation:  Competition forces companies to think outside the box and create options for different customer needs. In energy markets that already have energy choice, this has led to a rise in renewable energy products, custom rate plans, and other consumer-focused options.
  3. Customer Service:  When customers have their choice of provider, they no longer have to stay with a company that can’t provide good customer service.