Florida's hotels and restaurants could save almost 20 percent on electricity in a restructured market.

Florida may see a record 100 million visitors in 2014.  By competitively restructuring our electricity market, we can help ensure that record revenues go to Florida's hospitality industry, instead of going to its utility companies.

Restructuring will lower prices for Florida’s restaurants and hotels.

In Texas, America’s most competitively restructured electricity market, commercial electricity prices are nearly 20 percent lower than electricity prices in Florida.

At the 20 percent savings on commercial electricity bills that Texas sees over Florida thanks to electricity restructuring, Florida's hospitality industry could continue to flourish.

U.S. Energy Information Administration

This means savings on electric bills for the hospitality industry.

Restructuring the Florida electricity market to work like the competitive market in Texas could save thousands of dollars each month for restaurants and hotels of all types.

For example, consider the savings a single restaurant could see in one month of competitive electricity pricing, based on applying the savings above to average Florida bills in this graph.

Florida Municipal Electric Association
U.S. Energy Information Administration

The price of electricity for Florida's hospitality industry is climbing.

  U.S. Energy Information Administration

U.S. Energy Information Administration

Electricity prices have a way of going up, but they increase much more slowly in a competitive market. Texas electricity prices have remained very consistent over the last decade.  

During the same time, prices in markets nationwide have remained more consistent than prices in Florida, where commercial electricity costs are higher than ever for 2014.

Electricity prices in a competitive market are consistent over time.

Electricity prices have risen substantially across America over the last decade, but in Texas, where the electricity market has been restructured since 2001, prices are consistently stable.

Electricity customers can supplement this stability with long-term fixed rate prices so that they can factor today's prices into tomorrow's budgets.

U.S. Energy Information Administration

Savvy shoppers can find better prices in a restructured market.

Depending on how a purchaser in the hospitality industry shops for electricity, prices in a restructured market can beat even the 20 percent difference from Florida prices today.  

Put all of these averages against some of the best prices available on the Texas market, and it’s clear that where Florida's tourism industry is free to choose its own electricity providers, it's also free to save serious money.

Florida Municipal Electric Association
U.S. Energy Information Administration

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